The Hobo Guide To An RV Road Trip

Nothing kills the road trip mood than the cheap meals from the gas stations or the disgusting bathrooms. You can avoid all this by getting yourself an RV and enjoy your road trip. When traveling with your family you need to have that quality time and bonding moments without the interruptions of the need to go like immediately in the middle of nowhere. Read More

Things to know before travelling to Ibiza

Summer time is here people grab your hats and shorts and let’s have fun and enjoy this warm weather. Well if you are planning to get the groove and funk on and party all summer then Ibiza is the place to be. This Island has an amazing climate this time of summer and it is the legendary party city with the coolest clubs. If you want to party with some of the legendary EDM DJs the likes of David Gueta then this is the perfect city for you. If you are a fanatic over EDM music and you want to have the best time even better than tomorrow land then you have to spend some time in Ibiza. But of course before you hop on a plane and go there are a few things that you need to know before travelling to Ibiza. Read More

Lady with kayak usa

Where to go for kayaking around the USA?

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor sports out there. It is a great sport for anyone that loves the outdoors, action, and adrenaline rushes. You get to explore Mother Nature on your kayak. And you can get a thrill from hitting the many rapids that you can find in the rivers of North America. The challenge of navigating around rocks, fast rapids and the force of the river is an experience like no other.

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guide to china

China travel need to know


There are times when people decided to travel to a specific country but don’t know what to expect when visiting a foreign island. What kind of things that you’re going to find when you visit China? Is there anything that you should bring before going there? Are there things that you should be aware and avoid of? These normal questions are just normal. After all you are living in a foreign country at the moment. A country where you have no idea what to expect. So, if you want to travel to China to have your own vacation for the first time then here are some of the things that you are going to find when visiting China.

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Mexico has it all

Mexico, a place where even the day of the dead is a hoot. That’s Mexico for you! Mexico, the most vibrant and lively place on planet earth is a perfect assortment of opposing identities. Standing on the pillars of the Mayan Culture, flaunted by tourists as a traveler’s paradise, Mexico abounds in snow capped volcanoes, desert landscapes and ancient ruins. The modern industrialized cities and the old colonial towns give the country a look that’s at once traditional and modern.

The beaches and unique flora and fauna of the place render a charm inexplicable. Enjoy the pleasures showered by this land of romance, a perfect place to bill and coo. Its beauty, that’s sensuous, goes beyond time and age. Hike the hidden wonders in the untamed jungles, stretch out on the lonely beaches, and probe into the ancient Mayan ruins while you are in Mexico.

What ever you do and wherever you go it is pure fun and the experience purely majestic. A rare chance to snorkel with sea lions! Isla Espiritu Santo has it all. It has everything to thrill the water enthusiast. Row the boats and have a look at the whale sharks. San Cristobal, another spectacular place where culture meets cosmopolitan with its unique costumes, beliefs and customs carried over from Mayan culture are sure to take the visitors to realms unknown.

Immerse in bohemian culture, brush up on your Spanish and booze around the lively bars and experience the exotic Mexico. The Copper Canyon, much deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon still remains refreshingly fresh here. Mexico City is the cultural and the political nerve center of Mexico. On one side it’s glamour and excitement while on the flip side Mexico City is one of suffering and disease. A visit to this city is a must to understand the ethos of Mexico.

If Mexican culture haunts you, fail not to visit Guadalajara. Interspersed with fine museums and galleries, this abode of vibrant culture, a lively nightlife and great food is any body’s dream and delight. Isla Cozumel, the best place to dive is the most populous island in Mexico. The Spanish invasion, hurricane and small pox could not ravish the essential beauty of this island.

The foremost resort town of Mexico, the Acapulco should not be overlooked. Here the romantic history of pirates and ships beckons you, the beautiful lagoons and the golden beeches charm you, the nightlife and cliffhangers challenge you. Though the glory in which it once basked has now become an old tale, where Hollywood stars no longer descend to its honey kissed beeches, still it lures you to its bosom by it’s innate charm. Shopping is good here as the malls are abound in local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and jewelry.

Puerto Vallarta offers you a chance to play with dolphins and whales. Once a seaside village, Puerto Vallarta has emerged as an international resort of repute. As said in the beginning Mexico is the perfect combination of opposing identities. Unwind here at the picturesque resort and forget the world.

Colombia the Digital Nomads Paradise

Sometimes thinking about life and it’s meaning we ask ourselves the same questions. Is there just one thing that makes us happy? Or is there just one purpose or meaning that applies to all of us human beings. I think that life is beautiful because it’s diverse. People are beautiful because they are all different. And that life is better if colorful and full of different experiences. Experiences that we achieve just by living and learning while traveling and seeing new things.

While traveling you achieve new aspects of life and maybe sometimes a new meaning to your life. It’s the best way to meet other people from all over the world. People with different cultures that can help you expand your self and influence your lifestyle. Traveling also can help you forget some of your problems and help you chill and relax, and maybe help you understand that life is beautiful and meaningful.

There are so many beautiful places all over the world that are simply stunning and breathtaking, and one of them is Colombia. Here is some guide to colombia and her beauty.

Yopal, Colombia: where there is some stunning nature and places to visit. Places like the Yopal Municipal Church or El Resurgimiento Park.

Cartagena, Colombia: it’s a breathtaking village in the Carribien cost in Colombia , full with beautiful beaches. But not also that, this village has a colorful history and a rich architecture. It’s a very safe place to travel that offers great food too.

Bogota, Colombia: it’s very passionate and exiting place to visit. The energy is so full that you can feel it every time you visit some peace of it’s beauty. The food is excellent and very authentic that gives you the wish to return. There are very attractive historical places to visit also.

Medellin, Colombia: Firstly it’s known for their drug involvement and gangs, but it’s different these days. However it remains the fact that is very exciting place to visit for lot of people looking for trip full with cultural value. It’s the place where Aburrá Valley is situated and it’s also perfect for hiking and outdoors activities.

Santa Marta, Colombia: it’s a very romantic and stunning place full with beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, parks. It’s breathtaking in the day and aiming in the nights, rich with bars and nightclubs.

Because of these extraordinary places we become richer in experiences and fuller of life. And this way we become better persons.

Four Tips for Planning a Relaxing Christmas Vacation

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the perfect time to go on a vacation. It’s the best time to indulge in a little relaxation. Whether alone or with family and loved ones, spending the Christmas holidays in one of your dream destinations is a welcome break. To make your Christmas vacation more memorable and relaxing, here are some things you might want to consider.

No Matter Where Your Destination Is, Plan Ahead of Time

It doesn’t matter whether your destination is just an hour or two away from your home; it is important to start planning your vacation ahead of time. As much as possible, start planning two or three months before December. This will help you get your desired flights and preferred accommodations, among others. Early planning and reservations can also save you a lot of money as airline companies and hotels will most probably give you discounts.

Prepare All Your Documents Early

Make a list of all your travel documents and use this as your guide for preparing them. Place them inside one small bag or envelope so it will be easy for you to get any one of them when needed. Preparing your travel documents, including your tickets and passports, will help you check if there are documents that need to be changed or renewed.

Mark Your Luggage Clearly

Your luggage is an important part of your vacation. Thus, it is important to take care of them. To make sure that they are safe, label or mark each one with your name, address, and contact information. This will ensure you that your luggage won’t go to another person’s hands.

Bring the Christmas Spirit With You

Wherever you plan to spend your Christmas vacation, bring the Christmas spirit with you. Bring small Christmas decorations like miniature Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas stockings, and even some twinkling lights. This will help add more merriment to your vacation, especially when the kids wake up on Christmas morning and they find gifts under the small Christmas tree.

Tips for Packing Your Suitcase More Efficiently

Traveling is fun. It helps you recharge from a stressful week, month, or year. It helps you reconnect with yourself and your life. The only thing that a lot of people do not like about is all the packing that one has to do. It doesn’t matter if you will be away for the weekend only or one whole month, packing your things efficiently can become a burden for many. Here are some tips you might want to try out to make the task of packing for a trip easier.

Gather Information About the Weather

Before you start packing, check the weather of your destination, particularly on the day of your travel. This will greatly help in determining which outfits to bring.

Pack Your Things Day-by-Day

If you’ll be away for two days only, make sure that you pack just the right amount of clothes and accessories. This can be achieved by packing your things on a day-by-day basis. In other words, pack one set of clothes together. A pack consists of a pair of jeans (or a dress), one shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks (of you use one). Assign one pack per day; so clothes pack one is for day one, pack two is for day two, and so on. Bring only two pairs of shoes (one for casual or daily use and one for formal use, if needed), apart from the one you are wearing during your travel.

Bring a Toiletries Bag

All your toiletries should be placed inside one small bag. Likewise, it is important to follow the standard size for bottles. Big bottles and sprays are not allowed. Buy small bottles that you can use for transferring your shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom essentials.

Roll Your Clothes Properly

If you have been folding your clothes inside your luggage for years, it’s time to change that practice. While folding will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, it will take up a lot of space in your luggage. Rolling your clothes will save up a lot of space, but they’ll be wrinkled once you get to your destination. If your clothes are properly rolled, however, there will be lesser wrinkles. What you need to do is make sure that the roll is as tight as it can be. If the roll is loose, even just a little, your clothes will be wrinkled.

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Where to Go for a Memorable Winter Vacation

Not a lot of people go out during the winter season. The extra thick snow piling in the driveway and the endless snowfall are two of the major reasons for this. While some people like to stay home, others go on vacation, probably to somewhere a little warmer and more comfortable. This requires a lot of preparation, though. So, if you’re planning to go somewhere for the winter holidays, here are some suggestions on where to go for a memorable winter travel adventure.

The Caribbean Island of Martinique


If you’ve always dreamed of lying on immaculately white sand during the freezing winter months, Martinique in the Caribbean should be your ultimate cold season vacation destination. This is where you can spend time just being lazy while lying on the sand and enjoying the cool waters of the beach. The island also has a lot of tropical rainforests.

Costa Rica


Dreaming of sunny days at wintertime? If your answer is yes, then head off to Costa Rica for a sunny break. As it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, you can imagine just how majestic its beaches are. This is one place where you can enjoy basking in the sun the whole day while also enjoying the cool breeze of the sea. Swim in its clear-watered beaches and feel refreshed the whole day through.

Cape Verde


The volcanic archipelago of Cape Verde is also an ideal destination for those who want to escape the freezing winter months. You’ll love not only its beaches, particularly the ones at Sal and Boa Vista, but also its colorful culture.



What list would be complete without the Sunshine State, right? Florida is on this list because it is one of the places in the United States where the sun is out practically the whole year. Everywhere you go in Florida makes you feel like you are just beside the beach. The state’s coastline stretches over 1,300 miles, so this is understandable. If you want some theme park adventure, you’ll find some exciting ones in Orlando.