Colombia the Digital Nomads Paradise

Sometimes thinking about life and it’s meaning we ask ourselves the same questions. Is there just one thing that makes us happy? Or is there just one purpose or meaning that applies to all of us human beings. I think that life is beautiful because it’s diverse. People are beautiful because they are all different. And that life is better if colorful and full of different experiences. Experiences that we achieve just by living and learning while traveling and seeing new things.

While traveling you achieve new aspects of life and maybe sometimes a new meaning to your life. It’s the best way to meet other people from all over the world. People with different cultures that can help you expand your self and influence your lifestyle. Traveling also can help you forget some of your problems and help you chill and relax, and maybe help you understand that life is beautiful and meaningful.

There are so many beautiful places all over the world that are simply stunning and breathtaking, and one of them is Colombia. Here is some guide to colombia and her beauty.

Yopal, Colombia: where there is some stunning nature and places to visit. Places like the Yopal Municipal Church or El Resurgimiento Park.

Cartagena, Colombia: it’s a breathtaking village in the Carribien cost in Colombia , full with beautiful beaches. But not also that, this village has a colorful history and a rich architecture. It’s a very safe place to travel that offers great food too.

Bogota, Colombia: it’s very passionate and exiting place to visit. The energy is so full that you can feel it every time you visit some peace of it’s beauty. The food is excellent and very authentic that gives you the wish to return. There are very attractive historical places to visit also.

Medellin, Colombia: Firstly it’s known for their drug involvement and gangs, but it’s different these days. However it remains the fact that is very exciting place to visit for lot of people looking for trip full with cultural value. It’s the place where AburrĂ¡ Valley is situated and it’s also perfect for hiking and outdoors activities.

Santa Marta, Colombia: it’s a very romantic and stunning place full with beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, parks. It’s breathtaking in the day and aiming in the nights, rich with bars and nightclubs.

Because of these extraordinary places we become richer in experiences and fuller of life. And this way we become better persons.