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China travel need to know


There are times when people decided to travel to a specific country but don’t know what to expect when visiting a foreign island. What kind of things that you’re going to find when you visit China? Is there anything that you should bring before going there? Are there things that you should be aware and avoid of? These normal questions are just normal. After all you are living in a foreign country at the moment. A country where you have no idea what to expect. So, if you want to travel to China to have your own vacation for the first time then here are some of the things that you are going to find when visiting China.

• Cash is preferred in that country. So the country of China only recognizes their own money which is called Yuan or RMB/quai.
• Here’s a tip you should know. Chinese people don’t do tips.
• You can actually use your haggling skills. You can haggle your way in order to pay up for cheap.
• Don’t drink tap water. Bottle of water is required for you when visiting China.
• Bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper of your own for not all China bathrooms have those.
• You get the chance to experience China’s beautiful culture.
• And try out their exotic meals.

See more health warning from the UK government here.

Now, these are the short list that are provided for you when expecting things from China. This way you will be prepare and not be surprise at the things that they do. At least it will help lessen the culture shock and learn to adapt their ways. You can find that there are so many things that you will find as you travel. Besides the fact that it’s overcrowded and a bit polluted, but in recent research it is shown that the population of China has decreased by 40% so in the following few years to 2028 their population will matched with India, or less. And in regards to the polluted air that they are famous for there are some areas in China aren’t covered by smoke only the big cities such as Beijing does.

Also if you are in business or perhaps wanted to start a business soon, it would be a very good idea to visit China to experience how it is like doing business with them. People in China are business minded people, visiting this country gives you an overview on how it is to run a business and they have a great . As you can see China really excel in business industry and they are also considered as one of the powerful countries around the Globe.

When visiting this country, It is better to plan ahead when visiting China. At least you won’t be having any dilemmas when you land on their soil and just enjoy their culture full hand. For planning can actually make things easier for you with no problem and you won’t be having any issues if you do making the trip to China enjoyable.