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Where to go for kayaking around the USA?

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor sports out there. It is a great sport for anyone that loves the outdoors, action, and adrenaline rushes. You get to explore Mother Nature on your kayak. And you can get a thrill from hitting the many rapids that you can find in the rivers of North America. The challenge of navigating around rocks, fast rapids and the force of the river is an experience like no other.

If you want to conquer what the river has to throw at you, while at the same time enjoy a rewarding view, then there are a bunch of locations and rivers within the USA that you have got to know about. You may want to plan a trip to one of these places if you want to experience some of the best kayaking that the country has got to offer.

Gauley River

West Virginia offers some of the fiercest rapids that you will ever face. Found in the rolling hills of the upper regions of the state, you will get an adrenaline rush as you kayak through the many different rapids around the Mountain State. You may want to head over to Gauley River during certain months, such as during October, as you can make sure that the river is at its most challenging.

Colorado River

This winding river that stretches along states such as Arizona and Utah offers many different kayaking spots. It is a kayaking destination for all types of people looking for different experiences. There are placid stretches of the river where you will just be able to relax and enjoy the stunning canyons and vistas carved by the Colorado River. And there are also fast moving rapids along Colorado River, for anyone that is looking for more a thrill during their kayaking trip.

Raft the canyon offer tours here fro around $100.

Devils River

You will need to hike through a nature preserve to get to Devils River, but that trip will be worth it. This spot is the best place in the country for fishing on your kayak. You get to enjoy freshly caught fish after your kayaking trip. So you may want to bring some camping equipment along too.

Chesapeake Bay

This is one of the more complex bodies of water to navigate if you are in a kayak. This is because there are over 4000 miles of water to explore while you are kayaking around the Chesapeake Bay. This bay also has got a varied landscape as well, since there are jagged shorelines and other kinds of features that you will need to navigate around. But kayaking around this bay is a rewarding experience since it is one of the most popular spots for kayakers within the USA.

Baja, California

If you want to kayak beside seals, dolphins, and whales, then you have got to head over to Baja. This is a place that is rich with that kind of marine life. Plus, the warm waters of Baja also make for an excellent kayaking experience too. The weather is fine all year round, so you can plan a trip to Baja no matter