The Hobo Guide To An RV Road Trip

Nothing kills the road trip mood than the cheap meals from the gas stations or the disgusting bathrooms. You can avoid all this by getting yourself an RV and enjoy your road trip. When traveling with your family you need to have that quality time and bonding moments without the interruptions of the need to go like immediately in the middle of nowhere. How about the hunger pangs that can drive you insane? With an RV you can have the comfort of making your own meal in the kitchen. Nothing reduces homesickness than a homemade sandwich. Make your road trip quite memorable this year. And I mean you will be the envy of all the travelers when you pull up and hook up your RV and set up a campsite while they all try to rush and get hotel rooms in time. An advantage of having an RV is the spontaneous activities that you are allowed to do with no hustle.

Go for a test drive
You don’t want to find out that you can’t control your RV up a mountain or on a winding path. Take your powerful RV on a test drive and get comfortable with the steering wheel. Try going up the block and around familiar roads to get a hang of the RV. Familiarize yourself with the home away from home and learn how to maneuver around the traffic. This will give you confidence when you actually want to use the RV.

Know your height
You are driving a big car that is really wide and high so knowing your height will be of a great advantage to you. Ever seen a truck driver stuck on a tunnel or underpass and causing a traffic jam? Hectic right. Then don’t be that guy who causes a havoc and traffic jam and frustrations to others. Always know you’re your RV height and have an easy and smooth drive at all times. Nothing causes frustrations than being stuck on traffic with the heat and solar while waiting for a tow truck to pull you out of the way. Knowing your RV height will make it easy for you to look for the perfect route using the GPS that will make it easy for you to maneuver.

Be informed about hookups
I mean this is the most stressful part of owning your own RV. It can be a bit frustrating when you find out that it is not that easy to find a hookup site. But not to worry most of the RVs come with manuals on how to go about everything and not to mention the internet has basically anything you need to learn and find out. Plus if you are unsure on how to handle all the complicated stuff on your RV you can always ask the campground staff. They are always happy to help you and it is a great way to socialize and make new friends. Don’t try to empty the sewage and you have no clue how to go about it, this could end up putting you in the most embarrassing situation in your life if you know what I mean. I once saw a couple trying to fit the sewage hook up and let me tell you the results were not very pleasant.

Carry tools and spare parts
Mama always says be prepared for about anything at all times. Carry the RVs spare parts and tools. This does not necessarily mean that you are anticipating trouble but it’s always advisable to be safe than sorry. Moreover, you might find a stranger stranded in the middle of nowhere and you help out to change their tires. This will create a new friendship and allow you to socialize with your fellow travelers.

Don’t wing it
I know it’s tempting but don’t do it. Well maybe once or twice won’t hurt anybody. But remember you are on a budget and not to mention you have a destination in mind. Don’t be tempted to make unnecessary stops at every camping site and pack along the road. Stick to your agenda and enjoy your trip. Though it wouldn’t kill you if you tried a spontaneous thing just once to spice up your trip. After all, you have an RV a home away from home and it’s kind of cool not to spend your time in hotel rooms. Always remember to have a plan and a budget this will help you achieve most of your goals and visit all the places you had in mind.

Create a campground checklist
You can always forget to pick up some camping chairs from the outside or your kids’ bicycles. To ensure that you have everything where it should be at the end of camping always have a checklist. I know it’s tedious and a little bit nerdy but trust me this will come in handy. You don’t want to forget your kids’ favorite toys at the campsite and have to replace them at every stop. RVs have a lot of storage space so just take everything you might need to keep everyone happy.  If you run out of inside space, look at cargo boxes that fit on RVs – Travelbusy have a good cargo box review post.

cargo box on an RV

Get a checklist and ensure that everything that was removed from the RV is brought back to the inside before heading out. Most importantly ensure that your RV is locked into place and it is not on anyone’s way.

Take it easy
It’s your first time to drive an RV so don’t expect that you will be parallel packing at any point. Take your time to get used to the RV and give yourself a break when you can’t pack without the hassle. For the first-timers, it is advisable that you pack your RV at camping grounds with pull through sites. This will ensure that you get a hang of the RV and control it better. Moreover, you save yourself from the nervous glances from nervous neighbors’ and bystanders. Not to mention this will help you maintain the exteriors of your RV and keep it from scratching and chipping.