Things to know before travelling to Ibiza

Summer time is here people grab your hats and shorts and let’s have fun and enjoy this warm weather. Well if you are planning to get the groove and funk on and party all summer then Ibiza is the place to be. This Island has an amazing climate this time of summer and it is the legendary party city with the coolest clubs. If you want to party with some of the legendary EDM DJs the likes of David Gueta then this is the perfect city for you. If you are a fanatic over EDM music and you want to have the best time even better than tomorrow land then you have to spend some time in Ibiza. But of course before you hop on a plane and go there are a few things that you need to know before travelling to Ibiza.

1.Detox prior to your visit to Ibiza
Like seriously you are going to Ibiza the legendary party city where partying is the norm of the city. Most of the buildings in this city have clubs, clubs and more clubs. So high chances are that you will be partying from dusk till dawn and let’s face it there is no party that does not offer drinks. To keep your body healthy and hydrated throughout your trip then detoxing a week or two prior your visit to the Island is a good call for you. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun and parties your friends will be going to since you are sick and dehydrated and need to go to the hospital for drip and glucose. Enjoy the islands life with friends and party the Ibiza way with no stress.

2.Always carry your camera
Hello, you are on vacation your camera should be your best friend for the whole of summer. Ibiza has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and catching that moment in camera lasts forever. The Island also has amazing sceneries and diving experiences so always have your camera ready to capture the moment. Did I mention that celebrities love to spend their summer in this Island? So yeah you might find yourself partying with Leonardo di Caprio or the Kardashians and you need to get that on camera for future references.

3.Don’t drink and drive
I know that sure doesn’t sound like the party carefree Ibiza you’ve heard from all your friends. But seriously drinking and driving is an offence in this City like it is on any other city in the world. Even if you came here to party and more partying just make sure you are not the designated driver. But if you and your gang of friends want to party hard always order a cab to take your San Antonio villa. An added advantage for you if you get caught driving while drunk is that if you wake up early enough and report to the station you get to pay your fine in half. That is super amazing but still don’t drink and drive just be the responsible adult you are.

4.Always shop at home before visiting Ibiza
That amazing swim suit or short you’ve been dying to have for this summer and you can picture yourself in it in Ibiza. Please get it before taking your trip because the boutiques are always overly priced. Ibiza is visited by celebrities so definitely the prices are hiked up which is good for their business but very bad for your bank account. You don’t have to pay double for the same thing that you could have bought at half the price at home. Always be prepared and shop at home and carry everything you might need for your trip.

5.No dogs on the beaches
We all know that having a dog makes you look like one of the locals. But in Ibiza dogs are banned in most beaches and if caught you get to pay a fine. And the worst part of it all is that they take your dog too. So to be safe don’t take your dog to the beach if you are not sure if they are allowed on that beach. Most probably dogs are banned because there are a lot of tourists and you never know who is allergic to dogs. Be safe and don’t take your dog to just any beach unless you sure that dogs are allowed there.

6.Make an effort to learn more about Ibiza
Ibiza Island has more to offer than the partying and numerous clubs so make an effort to know the Island a little bit. The Island has cool hang out spots for the locals that are a bit less crowded and you will enjoy yourself. Also, the island has diving sites, caves, villages so you and your friends can go site seeing and spend a party free day and enjoy the life Ibiza has to offer. Ibiza has its own traditions that most people tend to ignore so make an effort and learn more about Ibiza people and their culture.

7.Check the party calendar
You came to Ibiza to have a good time and party till you can’t party no more. Then don’t waste your money on some boring clubs that offer awful music and amateur DJs. Always check the calendar and know which parties and clubs are lit. Check out to find out where you want to spend your next evening at. Don’t allow yourself to have a boring night and miss out on all the Ibiza fun.

8.Know the language
At least learn a few words in Spanish like how to ask directions, or to say hello this might come in handy. Even better tag along with friends who know how to speak in Spanish and help you translate so that you don’t miss out on some of the fun. Language barrier is the number on hindrance to any person to enjoy and have a good time in Ibiza.


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